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Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can be defined as the quality of air that is around the building and also structures in relation to the health of the people who are living within that particular area surrounding. It is of great significance for individuals to inhabit places and areas that have less air pollution as air pollution has risks that it may affect an individual health thus its recommended that one should take note of the area they reside in by understanding and also controlling air pollutants so as to reduce the risks that may come with it.

The signs and the symptoms for a person who was exposed to air pollution may differ from one individual to the other as in some people the signs may be noticeable immediately and as for other individuals it may take years before the signs on an individual’s health become noticeable.Some of the common signs and symptoms that can be observed immediately after an individual has been exposed to air pollution include having irritation in several parts of the body such as the eyes nose and even the throat as one can also experience dizziness and exhaustion.

A medical officer can suggest to an individual to vacate from an area in case one is examined with having exposed to air pollution and has experienced signs and symptoms and is affecting their general health relating to pollution they may have attracted. Some of the diseases that an individual may come in contact with after being exposed to air pollution is asthma and the an individual’s condition may be worsened due to several factors such as the age of a person and also if one already has a foregoing medical condition.

Generally people react to air pollutants differently as individuals sensitivity vary from one person to the next as some people may begin to show the signs and the symptoms after being exposed to the chemical or even the biological air pollutants repeatedly or it can even be detected after they have had high levels of exposure to these pollutants.The signs and symptoms that a person may experience could be relatively similar to other diseases such as colds or any other viral type of disease thus it is important to take note of where the symptoms occurred from and also the time of occurrence for example when one gets away from the area, and the symptoms disappear then one should note some of the indoor air pollutants sources that could be the cause. Keeping the environment surrounding clean is of essence as it will reduce the risks that may come it such as having air pollution thus having everyone’s safety in check and also in good health.

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