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The Critical Points Relating to Immigration Debate That Needs Quick Answers

Immigration is where a person chooses to move into a new Country and make it his or her permanent residence. The reason for moving may vary, as some people move to seek job opportunities and others are seeking refuge. Whenever volumes of people move it is bound to cause immigration matters. Therefore, some people view immigration as negative thing while others see the benefits of the movement. It is the responsibility of the government official to discuss this immigration debate in an attempt to find appropriate answers. Discover more about the vital immigration issues that need to be addressed by reading this article.

The first point to the immigration debate is the impact it has on the labor market. Movement of people into a new area increase labor supply. The immigrants accept to work in some industries where locals are unwilling. Low wage and manual labor are the reasons why locals do not accept this nature of work. This immigration issue may be seen as either positive or negative. The benefit of immigration is it increases labor supply, which is one of the elements of production. High labor supply will result in more production of goods and services thus the growth of an economy. The drawback to immigration is causing competition to the labor market where employers will pay meager salaries. Thus some locals are very hostile towards the immigrants. Thus the immigration debate need to find answers to this labor issue. To ensure that locals and immigrants are living harmoniously.

Security threat is the other key point to the sensitive immigration debate. Many states will require foreigners to be thoroughly screened before being allowed into the country. Some immigrants have been involved in some severe illegal activities. It is not right to assume that are immigrants are criminals. The reason is that even among the citizens of a country there are criminals and law-abiding citizens. The same applies to foreigners. The goal should not be to restrict immigration entirely but to take measures to ensure that foreigners are aware and willing to follow the law of the foreign country.

Illegal immigrants issue is the other point raised during the immigration debate. Illegal immigrants are people without the legal documents showing they have been authorized to reside in the country. Such people live in fear of being caught and deported back to their countries. Usually the strict policy of being registered as a citizen of the country is what causes people to live illegally in a foreign country. There is an urgent need to reduce the number of illegal immigrants by the government.

To find a viable solution there is need to discuss the various immigration issue objectively.

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