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Most cities have two or more post offices. Customers can pay utility bills and taxes, exchange currency, and send faxes from the local post office. There are times where there is a stamp on a mail that needs to be sent, however, there are also some who doesn’t, if this is the case, then it is advisable to look for a postal office who sells stamps. There are lots of envelope shapes, however, the standard one has a shape of a rectangle and it does not exceed five millimeters when you talk about its thickness. It should be sealed with clips or staples. The maximum weight limit for parcels is 20 kilograms, for books it’s five kilograms, and for correspondence is two kilograms.

A lot of people also recommends Correios e Telecomunica??es since they have a lot to offer in terms of services for different companies which includes postal banking, electronic mails, and even express post services. Items sent via regular mail in the country should arrive within three days. The Quick National, EMS Advantage, EMS Pronto, EMS18, EMS12 and the EMS( can also be an option for a lot of customers especially those who can choose registered mail. Delivery of posts on the same day can also be an option. This service is available to customers in Porto, Lisbon, and Braga.

There are also specific conditions that you need to follow, for instance, if you ever happen to send a parcel to a country outside of the European Union, then you really need to make a customs declaration. If ever a psychotropic substance and narcotic drugs are under international control, live animals, animal products cut flowers, meat, fish and other certain medications, then it is important for Portuguese to know that they are not allowed to send or receive it. This is strictly prohibited because if ever this situation happens, then the goods will either be seized, destroyed or returned to the original sender or owner.

It is really important for Portuguese to resort in Postal services in Portugal since it only cost up to five percent less compared to other European countries. The national postal system follows the trends in other European states. It is definitely a good choice to look for a large post office in the metro so that you wont have any trouble in dealing with their staff since their staff usually speaks in English, but if you happen to spot a smaller post office, then it is a must to bring a Portuguese friend with you since smaller post offices in Portugal have staff who barely speak in English.

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