The 12 Best Coffee Subscriptions 2023

Brewing coffee at home is glorious: Never again do you have to brave the outside world without the cocoon of caffeine. That’s not to mention that you’re no longer bleeding your wallet dry cup by five-dollar cup. However, being your own barista puts you at risk of consuming some seriously bland coffee if you’re not careful. I’m talking about you, Mister Value Tub of Maxwell’s House. 

The good news is that I checked my calendar, and guess what—it’s 2023! No person’s coffee choice is hereby limited to the shelves of their local bodega or grocery store! When you sign up for a coffee subscription service, the whole wide coffee multiverse is distilled into a box conveniently delivered to your very doorstep. 

Of course, there are about as many coffee subscription services out there as there are Starbucks in Manhattan. That’s why we’ve rounded up a few of the best coffee subscription services, from cold brew kits and espresso clubs to steadfast brands and local, artisanal roasters. Caffeinate onward.

Coffee concierge

I had always thought of buying coffee as a humble task: It sat on my to-do list in between pick up stamps and don’t forget the toilet paper. However, Cometeer turned it into a luxurious affair: The one-of-a-kind coffee subscription company delivers flash-frozen, freshly brewed pods of coffee to your door. You don’t even need a coffee machine to start sipping your new favorite cuppa joe, either. Simply pour hot water over a frozen puck to enjoy a piping hot cup, or add a melted puck to a glass of iced milk for a five-star latte.

$89$69 at Cometeer

All energy, no crash

As someone who once drank so much coffee in the span of one workday that I had no choice but to send an SOS text to my mom asking if coffee could make a person drunk, I appreciate that the good people of Jibby are focused on bringing us delicious cold brew coffee without the jitters. With no added sugar and 25 milligrams of hemp-derived CBD, these canned brews leave you feeling focused and sharp– but also grounded. When you subscribe, you save 15{ead4cb8c77dfcbdb67aba0af1ff8dfae0017fcc07a16fe7b51058939ac12c72a} on your order.

$49 at Jibby

If it ain’t broke…

Do K-cups make the most exciting coffee on this list? No, they do not. However, I’m not in the business of knocking a classic: If your day doesn’t start until you fire up the Keurig, you should be subscribing and getting your K-cups on auto-delivery. Plus, you save 25{ead4cb8c77dfcbdb67aba0af1ff8dfae0017fcc07a16fe7b51058939ac12c72a} with each order. As they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

$43.04 at Amazon

Trade in

If having the same cuppa mud every morning isn’t your thing, then Trade certainly will be. This coffee subscription service lets you try new, indie roasters from across the country with each delivery. Plus, the coffee selections are curated to match your unique taste profile, so it’s all reward with no risk.

$47.25$31.50 at Trade

Cold brew craze

Driftaway takes its daily cold brew just as seriously as you all-season feinds. When you subscribe, Driftaway sends you an explorer kit of five different coffees from around the world and everything you need to set up an at-home coffee tasting that helps inform your flavor profile preferences. Would some call this extra? Undeniably. But it’s totally worth it.

$228$210.10 at Driftaway

Season suite

Laidrey is the very first female startup roastery and cafe in the San Fernando Valley, but you don’t have to be in SoCo to give its delicious coffee a taste. Laidrey’s coffee subscription service delivers seasonal coffees to your door on a monthly or bi-weekly basis.

$226.80 at Laidrey

Gift-list approved 

Sure, a Starbucks gift card always works in a pinch, but if you want to level up your gift giving game, go for the Bean Box Coffee of the Month Club. Hello, six sweet months of gourmet coffee.

$258 at Bean Box

Mr. Worldwide

Who doesn’t want to sample coffee around the globe? With Atlas, no travel budget is required to do so. Each month, this popular coffee club lets you try single-origin, artfully roasted coffee from a new locale that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

$240$189 at Atlas Coffee Club

$240$189 at Atlas Coffee Club

Drink local

I recently moved from Burlington, VT, back to the Empire State. While I will miss feeling the hopeful lift in my chest that I might run into Bernie Sanders at the grocery store and the sweet taste of maple syrup in my salad dressing, one thing I don’t have to miss is my favorite local coffee, because (thanks be) Brio Coffeeworks offers a coffee subscription that ships to anywhere in the country!

$240 at Brio

Best price

If you got into making coffee at home to save money and not to find new ways to splurge, I see you. Craft Coffee is all about bringing you freshly roasted coffee at the lowest price. Shipping is always free, and Craft boasts better prices than the grocery store and even Amazon. Yes, you read that correctly.

$302.40 at Craft Coffee

The boxed wine of coffee

Am I a barista? No, sir, I am not. That’s why I love the blissful ease of Wandering Bear’s cold brew coffee subscription. It fully supports my lazy girl mornings: this brew doesn’t even need to be diluted with water. Like a trusty box of Franzia, Wandering Bear’s cold brew is always ready to pour. 

$79.98$64.78 at Wandering Bear

$79.98$64.78 at Wandering Bear

For the espresso drinkers

Now I may not be a barista, but perhaps you can make latte art with the best of ‘em. If that’s the case, try La Marzocco. This espresso subscription includes world-class roasts, recipes, and expert advice to help home baristas hone their technique and flex on all of us. 

$39 at La Marzocco

Now all you need is a sexy new coffee machine. 

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