What To Eat At Guaranteed Rate Field, Home Of The Chicago White Sox

Louise Matthews

There are no big splashes on this year’s food lineup at Sox Park.

There are a handful of very clever additions, mostly at the suite and club levels. The pineapple-cucumber skewers could be a sleeper hit, and those potato wedges will stay crispy for all nine innings.

A platter of sauced rib tips.

Rib tips are available at the Stadium Club Bar.
Chris Peters/Eater Chicago

Impossible Burger kicks out Field Roast as the official vegan burger patty. There’s more subtlety in the adds. Call it the South Side way. Fans cans see it by comparing the lineup to Chicago’s other baseball team where they’re celebrating Small Cheval selling its burgers to Bleacher Bums in the outfield. While the Cubs are targeting tourists and transplants with Small Cheval Burgers, the Sox are introducing rib tips, a tribute to South Side barbecue. It’s a different approach and will appeal to both fan bases.

The adds mirror what the Sox are trying to do on the field. There’s confidence in this set of players to turn around the disappointing results of 2022. Even with the pitch clock, there’s hope that quicker games won’t affect food sales.

And if the season goes well, maybe the Sox will sell an Andrew Benintendi chicken parm sandwich next year. Sox fans can dream. Check out Eater Chicago’s 2023 guide to Guaranteed Rate Field.

New Items Available in Suites

A smattering of sandwiches, potato wedges and drinks.

Pineapple chamoy cucumber skewers.
Chris Peters/Eater Chicago

Pineapple Chamoy Cucumber Skewers

The food staff at Sox Park began habitually eating these skewers to cool off on hot game days, so the thought was to offer them to fans. Customers can take a cue from the elote stands to top their skewer with Tajín and other choices.

The Authentic

A new oversized sandwich with turkey, ham, cheddar, and Swiss, on a wheat baguette.

A platter with a large sandwich

The Authentic has all the meats and cheeses.
Chris Peters/Eater Chicago

Chicken Teppanyaki Noodle Salad

The origins of cold noodle salads are murky, with some citing them as vaguely Asian. This salad features grilled chicken thigh, soba noodles, snow peas, cilantro, red pepper, Napa cabbage, carrots green onions, and fried rice noodles. Of course, there needs to be a soy-ginger dressing.

A red mini dutch oven filled with cream and potato wedges in metal baskets.

These wedges are good.
Chris Peters/Eater Chicago

Potato Wedges

OK, these may sound boring, but these crispy spuds will be worth seeking out. Thanks to a three-day process — inspired by another Levy restaurant, River Roast — the wedges will stay crispy during all nine innings, even with the pitch clock. They’re served with a loaded baked potato dip. It could use a little spice — so ask for some hot sauce.

Char-Grilled Chicken Board

Fans are promised a variety of grilled chicken with seasonal veggies which makes this sound like fajitas. But perhaps it’s tandoori chicken? Feels this is trying to jump off the popularity of butter boards. But with chicken.

Charcuterie Board

Folks should know the drill: Cheese, Italian meats, dried fruits, nuts, olives, honey, and crackers.

Pierogi Platter

Potato and cheese pierogi served with caramelized onions, along with smoked Polish sausage and sour cream. This platter would probably make a Pierzynski charming to be around. (Kidding; poor Josh Paul).

Sausage platter

Points for presentation.
Chris Peters/Eater Chicago

Pan-Seared Shrimp Cakes

Nothing screams baseball like shrimp cakes (but not everyone wants beef, chicken, or pork). These cakes are served with chipotle aioli, jicama slaw, all on a mini brioche roll.

Tacos and Tostadas

Pork al pastor and pollo asada with chorizo varieties give folks something familiar.

New Club Level Items

Crispy Chicken Baos

Bringing more Asian flavors to the ballpark, this is fried chicken thigh with arugula, cucumber, and carrot claw with a Thai chili sauce. All served in a steamed bao.

Greek Fries

Gyro meat, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, red onions, and pepperoncini top and order of fries.

Vizzy View Bar

Last year, the Sox renamed the bar located above the left field concourse on the landing. Now they’re adding an assembly line-style Mexican restaurant. Part of the allure are chicharrones fried daily. Management wants to fill plastic bags with the fried pork delicacies to emulate how they’re sold at Mexican markets. Folks will find tacos, burritos, nachos, and more.

Stadium Club Bar

Hog Wild Pulled Pork Sandwich and Rib Tips

The North Side baseball organization is trumpeting Small Coeval burgers for its bleachers as a taste of Chicago. The White Sox are diving deeper, smoking rib tips, long a tradition of Black Chicagoans living on the South Side. They’re smoked with oak.

Three pulled pork sandwiches

This pulled pork sandwich will be different from the ones sold on the main concourse.
Chris Peters/Eater Chicago

Mango Mangonada

After the success with the horchata-churro milkshake that debuted in 2022, the Sox are going fruit with the mangonada. It’s mango sorbet, chamoy, and chili powder. Customers will have to bite off the tamarind stuck onto the straw to get the fun started.

Protip: Both the mangonada and the milkshake can be made boozy.

Three milkshake glasses with a mango drink.

Looks like fancy drinks are becoming a Sox tradition.
Chris Peters/Eater Chicago

Foot-long half-pound Miller High Life Hot Dog

While ticket holders in the 500 level are allegedly allowed to visit 100-level concession stands during games (management says the restrictions are only in place for night games and contests where they want to restrict traffic), there’s something new for the upper deck for 2023, where the Sox are unveiling two new bars.

The Champagne of Hot Dogs is a foot-long Vienna Beef topped with onions braised on Miller High Life and butter. The presentation, with the oversized sausage nestled within a regular-sized brioche bun, wrapped in gold foil may appeal to those who want to live the high life. There’s also truffle mustard.

Available at the Miller High Life Sky Lounge on the 500 level.

A giant hot dog with onions.

This is Miller High Life chic.
Ashok Selvam/Eater Chicago

Gonzo Garbanzo

Baseball needs more vegan options; even omnivores don’t want to eat meat all the time. This new sandwich is made with roasted red pepper hummus, ground chickpea with cumin and beefsteak tomato, crushed avocado, and arugula. Comes on Wheatberry bread

Available at the Section 107 carvery.

A slice of a sandwich with tomatoes and chickpeas.

Vegans rejoice.
Chris Peters/Eater Chicago

Elote Corndog

This corndog and Cuban sandwich are the most popular food items on Sox fan social media. Wanting to create the next big IG sensation, the Sox created a “street corn dip” for the corn dog: cotija queso, corn, jalapeño, red pepper, and cilantro.

Available in sections 140 and 544.

Three corn dogs.

Instagram affected the development of this offering.
Chris Peters/Eater Chicago

Helmet Tenders

Chicago needs more food in a helmet. Find 10 tuners and a pound of fries stuffed into a helmet with two dipping sauces.

Available in sections 140 and 544.

Philly Cheesesteak and Steak Chimichurri sandwiches

Lots of sliced meat in two variations.

Available in portable sections 125 and 534.

A steak sandwich with green chimachurri

These a big steak sandwich.
Chris Peters/Eater Chicago

Bagel-wrapped Polish sausage

Last year it was brats, this year the Sox are offering dough-wrapped Polishes. They’re served with “Chi-Town Pico” which is a condiment made with sport peppers, neon-green relish, tomatoes, and onions. Yes, it’s supposed to remind fans of a Chicago dog. And there’s celery salt.

Available at the Section 105 Hot Dog Stand.

Hot Honey Popcorn Chicken

Last year, they tried mild sauce, but now it’s hot honey.

Available at sections 110 and 524.

Sliq Frozen Alcoholic Pops

Is this the alcohol of the future, hoping to revolutionize the ice cream game like Dippin’ Dots? Adult fans can find margarita, strawberry, and mango flavors.

Available at the paletas cart, and full-service bars (not Proximo).

Belgian Banger

A spicy Polish sausage on a pretzel bun with sweet-orange caramelized onions (a tribute to beer sponsor Blue Moon). Topped with red cabbage slaw and crispy bacon bits.

Available on the Blue Moon Balcony

A large sausage sandwich.

More encased meats, please.
Chris Peters/Eater Chicago

New Official Sponsors

Milwaukee Pretzels

The Sox have a new official pretzel usurping Super Pretzel.

Impossible Burger

The Sox have a new official plant-based burger replacing Field Roast.

Available at all Grill stands.

Two steak hoagies.

Does this mean there are Italian beefs in Philly?
Chris Peters/Eater Chicago


Rainbow Cone

The classic South Side Chicago ice cream stand has partnered with Buona, the official Itlian beef sponsor of the White Sox, to open more locations. Part of its expansion is working with the Sox.

Sections 158 and 526

A rainbow ice cream cone.

Rainbow Cone will be a coveted item at the Sox game.
Barry Brecheisen/Eater Chicago

Cinnamon Churro Milkshake

For years, the Sox had been ahead of their time with churro stands, bringing the Mexican dessert to the masses. They’re using the churros as toppings for a milkshake made with horchata made in the stadium. It features chocolate sauce and whipped cream on top with a cherry. Management says this one is for the kids; there are no plans for a spiked, boozy version.

Stadium Club Bar, dessert cart

Cinnamon Churro Milkshake
Ashok Selvam/Eater Chicago

Impossible Slider

Char-grilled veggie burger with lecture, tomatoes, cheddar, and chipotle-lime aioli.


Italian Hoagie

A hoagie with Genoa salami, ham, prosciutto, provolone, and spicy-pepper relish

Club Level Stands

Italian Sub

Salami, capitol, ham, provolone with tomatoes, onions, lettuce, giardiniera, and red wine vinaigrette and olive oil on a baguette.


In 2022 Molson Coors brought Miller products back to the ballpark, but team management stressed that this isn’t the end of craft beer at Sox Park. This season, Sox PR got in front of Beer Gate by making sure fans knew that Delaware North is selling more than 75 beers from 50 breweries.

Here are some new brews for 2023:

• Funkytown Brewery, One of Chicago’s only Black-owned breweries, operates out of Pilot Project Brewing in Logan Square. (Hip Hops, R&Brew Pale Ale)

• Magners Irish Cider

• Obscurity Brewing from Elburn (First Time Feeling Rotating Sour)

• On Tour Brewing from West Town (Typical Day Dream Farmhouse Ale)

• Brewers Kitchen, like Funkytown, headquartered out of Pilot Project.

• Voodoo Brewing Company, out of Meadville, Pennsylvania (Oh Mama Traditional Golden American Lager.

Check out last beers from previous years:

• Allagash Brewing Company: Allgash White

• Blake’s Hard Cider: Blake’s Hard Cider Triple Jam

• BuckleDown Brewing: BuckleDown Hideout Hazy

• Burnt City Brewing: Burnt City Two-Headed Boy Pilsner

• Forbidden Root Restaurant and Brewery: Forbidden Root Small Talk

• Midwest Coast Brewing Company: Midwest Coast Vaguely Stylish

• Sketchbook Brewing Company: Sketchbook No Parking

• Spiteful Brewing: Spiteful Working Hard For the Weekend, Spiteful Radler

Midwest Brews, Sections 109, 126, 141, 155, and 530.

Draft Beer Portables, Sections 104, 106, 117, 129, and 133.


These are holdovers from past seasons and include ballpark classics and other items that became hits.

Triple Play BBQ Sandwich

Sections 122 and 528 . This sammie mixes three meats: Vienna Beef smoked brisket, barbecue pulled pork, and the aforementioned jalapeño cheddar sausage. It comes with sweet pickles on a Kaiser roll.

Southside Mini Donuts

Sections 155 and 533. It’s a cousin to the beloved churro that’s sold at Sox games. These small bits have the same cinnamon and sugar flavor profile.

Caramel Praline Ice Cream Bars

Seat Vendors. Who cares about the beer guy when there’s an ice cream bar guy? The bars come from Prairie Farms.

Beggar’s Deep-Dish pizza

Beggar’s Pizza Pub on the right field concourse, Section 163. After debuting in 2016, South Side pizza chain Beggar’s returns and this time they’re offering their version of deep dish with sausage. In section 163 they have a dine-in area and specialty pies in the center field concourse, including the new deep-dish pizza.

Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Rods

Sections 101, 105, 144, and 538. Pretzel rods dipped in caramel and chocolate then rolled in sprinkles.

Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Rods
Chicago White Sox/Clayton Hauck

Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

Section 157. A warm churro bun topped with ice cream.

Cuban Burger: Sections 113 and 528. A Glenmark beef burger with ham, carnitas, pickles, Swiss cheese, yellow mustard, and mojo sauce. It an unusual combo, but just hope the patty isn’t too dry.

Ice Cream Scoops: Section 157. The ballpark won’t just have soft serve anymore. Prairie Farm ice cream scoops come in waffle cones made at the stadium.

Organic Apple Strawberry Frozen Juice Cups: Available from seat vendors.

Iced Coffee: Sections 105, 144, and 538. This this boring game needs a little jolt? Try the gourmet-roasted coffee that’s sweetened and served over ice.

Tater Tachos: Sections 110, 544. A twist using tater tots served in a mini green Sox helmet.

Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade: Seat vendors and Section 163. Freshly-squeezed and shaken lemonade. Get it spiked with vodka.

Creamery: Section 105. The Creamery serves up gluten-free deserts like creme brûlée cheesecake, plus brown butter and sea salt marshmallow squares, along with gluten-ed sweets like red velvet and peanut butter cupcakes. Soft-serve ice cream’s also available. Get those helmet sundaes here..

Fried Pickle Chips: Section 110. Panko breaded and served with a chipotle-ranch sauce.

Garlic Fries: Sections 110 and 544. Kuma’s Corner may not have waffle fries, but Sox Park does. Served in a green souvenir helmet.

Chicken Tenders: Sections 122, 140, 260, 524, 544.

Chicago-style hot dogs: Sections 114 and 542. Dragged through the garden with all the appropriate toppings.

Cuban sandwich: Available in suites and 100 level. The Sox have a long tradition of Cuban players, including the late Minnie Minoso. They’re not new on the 100 level, but there the sandwiches even share Minoso’s Cuban Comet nickname. These pressed hot sandwiches have different bread depending on which level you buy them. The suite level version features roasted pork and ham with Swiss, adorned with sliced dill pickles and whole-grain mustard between toasted French bread.

Elotes/Corn off the Cobb: Sections 127, 142, 104, and 528. Fresh corn topped with an assortment of ingredients including butter, salt and pepper. It’s not typical, but quite possibly the best item at The Cell.

Polish/Hot Dogs/Bratwursts: 100 and 500 levels. Everyone loves the hot dog man or woman who brings fans food while they’re enjoying the game, but the truth is the sausages prepared on the grill and topped with fresh onions or sauerkraut are vastly superior. It’s worth the effort.

Irish Nacho Helmet: Sections 260, 544. Another item in a helmet. Waffle fries covered with cheese sauce, sour cream, and chives.

Turkey Burgers: Sections 122, 140, 524, 544

Garden Burger: Sections 140, 260, 524, 544

Beggar’s Pizza: Sections 122, 155, 163 (PIZZA PUB!) and 522. Beggar’s is the official pizza of the White Sox. Not some store-bought brand like some other Chicago sports teams use.

Burger Barn: Sections 113 and 529. Trying their best at the upscale burger concept, this cart also slings turkey burgers.

Buona Beef: Sections 120, 149, and 531. The official beef of the White Sox.

Funnel Cake: Sections 155 and 533. Funnel cake isn’t just for carnivals, despite what the White Sox record’s been the last couple years.

Cuban Sandwiches: Section 148. The pressed sandwich represents the Sox’s Cuban connection with players like Minnie Minoso, Jose Contreras, Jose Abreu, and Yoan Moncada.

Churros: Sections 104, 127, 135, and 524. A sweet treat and ballpark tradition.

TexMex: Sections 529. Build your own burrito or nacho helmet. Keep the helmet.

Dippin’ Dots: Sections 107, 136, 156, and 516. It’s OK to play with your food. You’re at the ballgame.

Vegetarian options: All levels. Quesadillas and veggie burgers and dogs are options.


The Cell has a few special spots fans can dine or drink, opposed to staying in your ticketed-seat the entire game.

ChiSox Bar & Grill: Gate 5. It’s the second year of this venue’s existence. Special cocktails, like the ChiSox Mule, and food served by the Gibsons Restaurant Group, make this an ideal place to meet before the game. Jalapeño-cheddar hush puppies and smoked brisket nachos are some of the highlights.

Xfinity Zone Bar and Carvery: Section 112. What do you mean you don’t know what a carving station is? Find out by ordering a sandwich here.

Beggar’s Pizza Pub: Section 163. See above.

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